Gilroy After Hours
Old St. Mary's Cemetary
United States of America

Our next St. Mary's Cemetary cleanup will be on September 24th.


Here is a message from Dave Peoples:


"Hope everyone had a great summer. A reminder that Saturday, September 24 we will resume our monthly TLC at Old Saint Mary Church Cemetery. Hope to see all of you and maybe some new faces at 7:30am with a lawn/leaf rake and a yard waste barrel that you can fill with leaves and mulch to take home and use or put out for garbage pickup day. If you have a pick and shovel bring those too so we can begin filling the squirrel holes that are terrible trip hazards and to maybe tidy up some of the graves. DON’T FORGET YOUR GLOVES!


If you haven’t seen the Gilroy Historical Society’s quarterly newsletter, I encourage you to go their website and have a look. Great center page article about our project. Thank you Connie Rogers.      www.gilroyhistoricalsociety.org  


If anyone can bring a battery drill with 3” auger that will bore a 12” deep hole we can install several more crosses that are ready.


See you next Saturday. Invite your friends."


-Dave Peoples