Guest Speakers - Nacho Moya

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April 2024

Guest Speaker - Nacho Moya

Discover the enchanting world of Nacho Moya, the visionary artist whose work is currently taking center stage in Gilroy's vibrant art scene. Nacho's captivating pieces transcend traditional boundaries, weaving together elements of surrealism and fantasy to create immersive experiences that spark the imagination. From his humble beginnings to his global acclaim, Nacho's inspiring journey is as captivating as his artwork itself. Dive into the magical realm of Nacho Moya at the Moya Art Gallery in Gilroy, where every brushstroke tells a story and every canvas holds a world of wonder waiting to be explored. Join us as we celebrate the boundless creativity and whimsical charm of Nacho Moya's artistry, and prepare to be transported to a realm where dreams come to life.

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President's Message

Dear Gilroy After Hours Rotary Club Members, 

I hope this message finds you all in high spirits and ready for another exciting  adventure in Rotary! It's my pleasure to share some thrilling news about our  meeting this Tuesday (4/23) at 5:15 PM at the Old City Hall and our upcoming  District 5170 conference at the Hayes Mansion.  

This upcoming Tuesday is Bring a Buddy night! Extend a warm invitation to a  friend or family member and introduce them to the wonderful world of Rotary. Let's share the gift of  Rotary and spread the joy of community together. 

Also a real treat is in store as we welcome the one and only Nacho Moya to speak at our club  meeting. With his captivating storytelling and enthusiasm, Nacho is sure to leave you spellbound.  Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to hear firsthand from a master of wonder. Join us as we  dive into Nacho's world of creativity and inspiration—it's an experience you won't soon forget! 

Furthermore, I’m thrilled to say that our District 5170 Conference is here, and let me tell you, it's  shaping up to be an event to remember. From April 26th-28th Rotarians from across our district will  gather for three days of inspiration, collaboration, and fun at the nearby Hayes Mansion. And let me  tell you why you should be there.  

First off, this conference is not your average Rotary gathering. With a lineup of dynamic speakers,  engaging workshops, and interactive sessions, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a  seasoned Rotarian or just dipping your toes into the Rotary waters, you'll find plenty of opportunities  to learn, grow, and connect with fellow members. 

But that's not all. The District 5170 Conference isn't just about business—it's about celebration too! We'll be honoring the incredible achievements of our clubs and members, celebrating our shared  successes, and laying the groundwork for an even brighter future ahead. 

So mark your calendars, folks! The District 5170 Conference is happening this Friday April 26th Sunday April 28th, and I strongly encourage each one of you to join us. Trust me, you won't regret it! 

For more information and to register, please visit the conference website: District 5170 Conference  Registration 

Let's make our presence known, show our Rotary spirit, and make memories that will last a lifetime. I  can't wait to see you all at this week’s events! 

Yours in Rotary,

Bryson Smith

Bryson Smith - Gilroy, California, United States | Professional Profile |  LinkedIn  

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