Guest Speakers - Lee Blaettler & Whitney Pintello

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March 2024

Guest Speaker - Lee Blaettler

President of the Gilroy Assistance League

Lee Blaettler epitomizes dedication to community service. Since 1959, the league has empowered local youth, evolving from its roots supporting adoption services to a dynamic force serving Gilroy and South Santa Clara County. Under Blaettler's leadership, the league, comprising 35 committed women, champions youth through grants and initiatives. With over $400,000 awarded since 1993, their impact resonates deeply. Blaettler's address at the Rotary Meeting promises inspiration and collaboration.

Guest Speaker - Whitney Pintello

Director at Pintello Comedy Theater

Whitney Pintello is a local fine artist painter and also one of the directors and producers at Pintello Comedy Theater. The Pintello family has been performing and directing in our community for over 40 years. 21 years ago, Marion and Rod Pintello opened Pintello Comedy theater with the mission of bringing more laughter to our community. Whitney will be sharing how the family theater got started and what kind of process they go through to bring a production to fruition.


President's Message

In the heart of our community lie the seeds of our future—our children, whose growth and development are paramount to ensuring a vibrant tomorrow. At Rotary, we recognize the profound impact of local organizations dedicated to nurturing children, our culture and supporting the education of our people. Alongside the efforts of Rotary these pillars of our community not only provide resources and opportunities for our youth but also cultivate a sense of belonging, creativity, and educational excellence. 

This month we celebrate the dedication and contributions of these organizations and individuals who play vital roles in shaping the next generation of leaders, and innovators. 

One such individual I had the pleasure of knowing is the recently departed Susan Dodd.  Susan was a cherished figure whose nearly five-decade commitment left an indelible legacy in our community. Susan's tenure since 1976 marked a pioneering era for women's sports and athletic leadership, shaping generations of female athletes and inspiring countless individuals. Beyond her roles as coach and Athletic Director of Gavilan College, Susan's impact extended to curriculum development, program creation, and the growth of the Susan Dodd Tennis Complex and the Susan Dodd Crossing pedestrian bridge on campus. Inducted posthumously into the California Community College Athletic Association's Hall of Fame, Susan's legacy embodies empowerment, academic excellence, and community spirit. We honor her memory with gratitude, pledging to uphold her values of kindness, compassion.

Another such individual, fellow Rotarian and guest speaker this Tuesday March 26th is a creative force within the local arts community. Whitney Pintello is known for her prowess as both a fine artist painter and a director/producer at Pintello Comedy Theater. Growing up in a family deeply entrenched in the performing arts scene for over four decades, Whitney has inherited a passion for entertaining and inspiring others. Alongside her parents, Marion, and Rod Pintello, she has been instrumental in shaping the vibrant cultural landscape of her community. With each endeavor, Whitney seeks to uplift, inspire, and leave a lasting impression on those who encounter her work. 

Gilroy After Hours Rotary also welcomes Lee Blaettler to the podium at our next meeting. Lee is a dedicated community leader with a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others. As the President of the Gilroy Assistance League, Lee embodies a commitment to service and philanthropy. Guiding the league's efforts since assuming leadership, Lee has played a crucial role in advancing their mission of "granting hope" to local children and youth and will share details on the upcoming Home and Garden Tour on May 10th and 11th.  

As Rotarians we take on many challenges that improve the lives of others and not just Humans. Click on the link below to read how the members of a Korean Rotary club are running an adopt-a-pup service project "For The Love of Dogs" on explores the profound bond between humans and canines and highlights the transformative impact of service dogs in people's lives. From veterans coping with post-traumatic stress disorder to children navigating the challenges of autism, service dogs provide invaluable support and comfort. 

Thank you for your involvement in Rotary and for actively contributing to the betterment of our community. At last month's meeting, we introduced a new format featuring committee assignments and discussions. Though it's still early, we're optimistic that through our collective efforts, Rotary's service projects and programs can have a meaningful impact. By instilling values of compassion, empathy, and civic responsibility in both children and adults, we aim to cultivate a more compassionate society for generations to come.

See you Tuesday! 

Bryson Smith

Bryson Smith - Gilroy, California, United States | Professional Profile |  LinkedIn  

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